Wednesday, 27 July 2011


The next step was trying to find a job, but first I needed some money to live off, so unfortunately I had to go on Jobseekers which in itself took some doing. Then I had a decision to make, self employment or get a Job, self employment would fit best due to the unemployment situation, not to mention the help you can get with setting up a business or so I thought. Going down this path is a minefield of red tape hedhaks and disappointments in the present economic climate that is.

We shall start with the princes trust which provides funding for small start up business / companies, but guess what they decide to cut the funding to the North West area until September 2012, the meeting on this date could decide their fate and all of us as well. I will keep you apprised of this situation.

But on the bright side there is a lot of help out there if you look hard enough, such as Google business websites free for one years, Google Places / Maps, Companies House for Limited company status £33.00, Blue Orchid free business adviser, social networking sites and dedicated business services / hosting websites, Business cards and promotional material.


This I have to say was the most strenuous and enjoyable part of my life to date.
I am talking about the day I was accepted at the University of Bolton, the first day was the worst and the best, apart from my graduation that is. I did not think I would get this far in my life due to my disability but I proved them all wrong. My best day of uni is byfar the day I graduated, achieving what my throat was the impossible except my parents and head teacher Alan Farmer. The University of Bolton is one of the best Universities in the North West, they can help you in lots of ways, if you have a disability there is many slouches such as scrubs, writers, new computer systems that can read and write for you and all this is completely free well it was when I was there.  


The next step was attending the Wigan and Leigh College on an Art and Design course in 2003 / 2007. While at college I gathered a great understanding and passion for Art and Design, especially when I visited a local art gallery and came across the work of Naum Gabo who in my opinion is the escense of art and design in its most fluidic form. But in my final 2 years of the course my torture seed that I would not mange to get to University because of my learning difficulties, but she let me stay on and prove her wrong. I then left College with several qualifications and an appreciation for art and design, more on the Design than the Art I think.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Well it began as most things do in school, but not the school as some of you might think. The school in question was known as Montrose Special Needs School. I attended in 1996 / 2003 because I had moderate learning difficulties. I then attended Haigh Hall golf course for my work experience during my last year at Montrose, wall I was at Haigh Hall I did minor ground maintenance, tended the greens and bunkers place finding lost golf balls occasionally. I left Montrose with a GCSE art and design grade B. Witch was an achievement for me and the school, because it would allow me to attend college and the school gained added notoriety for its first papal achieving a GCSE, not to bad for a special needs school. The school was sadly closed down in 2010.
Special thank you to the head teacher Alan Farmer and all the teaching staff for their patients, understanding and guidance over the years.
If you find any spelling mistakes, I have an excuse, I’m DYSLECTIC.